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Honda CB125 Gallery

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Bike Image Description
1972 Honda CB125 Cafe Racer 1972 Honda CB125 Cafe Racer
  • Air cooled, twin cylinder, OHC
  • 26mm Keihin Carbs, manual choke
  • 5 speed- chain drive
1973 Honda CB125 1973 Honda CB125  
1973 Honda CB125S 1973 Honda CB125S  
1976 Honda CB125S 1976 Honda CB125S
  • Air cooled, single cylinder, OHC, 2 valve per cylinder
  • 114kg
  • Drum brakes
  • 5 speed
1977 Honda CB125S Honda CB125S Manufactured by Honda from 1971-1975. It features an overhead camshaft (OHC) engine with a 9500 rpm redline and offers 100 mpg, quite astonishing for its period. It could comfortably maintain speeds of 55 mph and had a top speed of around 65 mph. Its low weight coupled with the free revving engine allowed it to surpass many bigger, more unreliable British bikes in performance. The engine could last tens of thousands of miles with only minimal attention; however, the oil had to be changed regularly (700 miles) to prevent premature wear of the camshaft bearings. The "S" model was produced from 1971 to 1975 and was replaced in 1976 by the "J" model. The newer model sported a two piece head, 124cc displacement, and a larger carburettor, but it did not perform as well as the earlier models.
Honda CB125SS Honda CB125SS More Honda CB125SS info..
1976 Honda CB125 1976 Honda CB125  
1976 Honda CB125 J CB125 J  
1972 Honda CB125 S Honda CB125 S  
1972 Honda CB125 K3 Honda CB125K  
Honda CB125T Honda CB125T
  • Engine - 124cc, 4-stroke twin
  • Power - 12bhp
  • Top Speed - 70mph
  • MPG - 75
  • Launched - 1977-1988
  • Honda CB125 K2 Honda CB125 K2

    This is the CB125K2, probably the best 125cc road usable twin Honda ever made!

    This combined the light weight of the CB125SS, with a five speed box and rev-counter. It still used the very competent CR93/CB93 based chassis.

    Honda CB125 K3 Honda CB125 K3 More Honda CB125 K3 info
    1975 Honda CB125S Honda CB125S  
    1975 Honda CB125S2 Honda CB125S2

    Outstanding original condition in Candy Rivera Blue. This model has speedo and tachometer. This is one of the first Honda 125's to have a front disc brake.

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    1979 Honda CB125 1979 Honda CB125  
    1981 Honda CB125 T2 Honda CB125 T2  
    1981 Honda CB 125T 1981 Honda CB 125T
    • Air cooled, twin cylinder, OHC
    • 80mph
    • 114kg
    • 16.5bhp @ 11,000rpm
    • 5 speed
    1981 Honda CB125TA Honda CB125TA  
    1983 Honda CB 125 TD-C Honda CB 125 TD-C  
    1983 Honda CB 125 TD-C Honda CB125 TD-C  
    1985 Honda CB125T 1985 Honda CB125T  
    1985 Honda CB125 TD-C Honda CB125  
    1987 Honda CB125 deluxe Honda CB125 deluxe  
    1988 Honda CB125TD-J 1988 Honda CB125 Previously owned from new by Steve O’Rouke of Pink Floyd fame.
    1989 Honda CB125TD-J CB125TD-J  
    1991 Honda CB 125T 1991 Honda CB 125T  

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