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The Honda CB550K4 was, arguably, the best of all Honda worlds of its time, it had the sweet handling of the CB400 four but was not that far behind the CB750 in the speed stakes. It was first sold in 1974 as the CB550K0 and came in flake sunrise orange, boss maroon metallic or freedom metallic green all with black inlay, all models in its run came with a 4 into 4 exhaust system. In 1975 the CB550K1 with colour changes the flake sunrise orange and a candy jade green, the clocks also got dark green faces. In 1976 the CB550K2 again only got a colour change with candy garnet brown and the clocks were lighter green. 1977 saw the paint in black with red and gold striping the side panel emblem read “550 Four K”.

The performance throughout its production run had an 8 valve SOHC 554cc engine which put out around 50hp at 8500rpm which was achieved through a 5 speed gearbox

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Honda 550/4
Honda 550/4

The Honda four needs little introduction, the impact of the across the frame all alloy four cylinder CB750 on the motorcycling public was immense at a time when the Japanese motor cycle industry was already becoming dominant and seriously threatening its British competitors, its success was inevitable. Long before the machine offered today had been built Honda motorcycles had become dominant and had set standards in engineering quality and reliability that were second to none.

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1974 Honda CB550/Four Honda CB550/Four  
1975 Honda CB 550F Super Sport 1975 Honda CB 550F Super Sport  
1975 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer Honda CB550 Cafe Racer  
1976 Honda 550 Four Honda 500 Four  
1976 Honda CB550 Four 1976 Honda CB500 Four  
1976-77 Honda CB 550F Super Sport 1976-77 Honda CB 550F Super Sport  
1977 Honda CB550 Four Honda CB550 Four  
1977-78 Honda CB 550K 1977-78 Honda CB 550K The Honda CB 500 Four is replaced by the CB 550 K3. The engine of the K3 is known, it is installed for several years in 550 BC Four Super Sport. Moreover, if the CB 550 four K3 appears in France in 1977, it is already marketed for several years in other countries.
1977 Honda CB550 1977 Honda CB550
1976 Honda CB550F 1976 Honda CB550F More info..
1978 Honda CB550 F2 1978 Honda CB550 F2
1977 CB550 Viper 1977 CB550 Viper Picture courtesey of
1978 Honda CB550K 1978 Honda CB550K The engine is an evolution of the CB 500 Four, the bore is increased by 2.5 mm. Engine power, despite the increased displacement, remains virtually unchanged (+2 bhp). However, it is available earlier (8500 rpm instead of 9000). The couple also increasing, but remains perched high (7500 rpm).
1978 Honda CB550K Honda CB550K This machine makes some modifications to the CB 500 Four. The most visibly with the line it shares with the CB 750 K7 and 4 pots who lose their shape if features. The tachometers (the speedometer and tours) are now more legible (larger size and especially identified, fashionable CB 750 Four). The fuel tank is larger (+ 2 liters) and closes a door now recessed. The top in terms of changing the position of the key contact finally arrives at the scoreboard (instead of below the reservoir). The fork loses its bellows and takes a lot lighter.

The machine is marketed until 1978. It is replaced by the CB 650 Four.

1978 Honda CB550 K4 Honda CB550 K4
1978 Honda CB 550F2 Super Sport 1978 Honda CB 550F2 Super Sport
1982 Honda CB 550SC Nighthawk 1982 Honda CB 550SC Nighthawk

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