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Honda CB250 Gallery

Thus, the 250 Dream was introduced but, after the Europeans said that the styling was too American, it was dropped in favour of the 'N' series, better known as the Super Dreams. At that time, Honda hoped they had finally got their mix right!

The engine of the 250 is a four-stroke air-cooled twin which features three valves per cylinder, two inlet and single exhaust driven from the single overhead camshaft. They allow better breathing and therefore more performance and economy. To keep the engine smooth, the motor has the now almost universal contra-rotating balance shafts. Power output of the engine is 27bhp at 10,000rpm, just a couple of horsepower down on the admittedly lighter 'strokers'.

This power is fed through a six-speed gearbox and performance is to the order of a 90mph The CB250N weighs around 350lb so is quite heavy, but this does not affect the handling unduly,-and the bike remains well balanced and easy to ride. The wheels on the bike are the famous Comstars which unlike the earlier Dreams which had alloy rims and pressed-steel spokes are now all alloy and a lot lighter.

The styling is the most obvious change of the Super Dream and it has a simulated one-piece tank/seat/tail unit to replace the earlier bike's more touring look. The modern sports look of the replacement model is probably overdone with its tank stripe a rich colour by the saddle only to fade out as the paintwork reaches the steering head and the computer-age-digit numerology on the side panels.

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Bike Image Description
Honda CB250N Honda CB250N
  • Engine - 249cc, 4-stroke ohc twin
  • Power - 28bhp
  • Top Speed - 90mph
  • MPG - 50
  • Weight - 172kg (380lb
  • Launched - 1979-1983
  • 1973 Honda CB 250 1973 Honda CB250
    1974 Honda CB250G5 1974 Honda CB250G5
    1975 Honda CB250 G5 Honda CB250 G5
    1975 Honda CB250 G5 CB250 G5
    1976 Honda CB250 G5 Honda CB250 G5
    1978 HondaCB250N Superdream CB250 Superdream
    1979 Honda CB250N 1979 Honda CB250N When the CB400F2 four-cylinder was decided to be unsuitable for the American market, and therefore the world, Honda had to produce a twin-cylinder bike with at least as much performance, and came up with the Dream, or Hawk as it was known in the USA. It was also decided that a smaller version could be made for the quarter-litre class and this would also help make their four-stroke 250 quicker and more in keeping in touch with the opposition's quicker two-stroke machinery.
    1980 Honda 250 Superdream Honda 250 Superdream  
    1980 Honda 250 Superdream Honda Superdream  
    1980 Honda CB250 RS Honda CB250 RS  
    1981 CB250 Superdream Deluxe CB250 Superdream Deluxe  
    1981 Honda CB250N Superdream Honda CB250 Superdream  
    1981 CB250N Superdream 1981 CB250N Superdream  
    1981 Honda CB250 RS (Racing Single) Honda CB250 RS  
    1981 Honda CB250N CB250N  
    1982 Honda CB250ND-B Superdream Honda CB250ND-B Superdream Superdream Deluxe. This bike is pure '82 NB Superdream right down to it's flip seat tail and two-screw cap master cylinder.
    1982 Honda CB250N Superdream 1982 Honda CB250N Superdream
    1982 Honda CB250N Delux Honda CB250N Delux
    1983 Honda CB 250RS 1983 Honda CB 250RS
    1983 Honda CB250RSA Honda CB250RSA
    1983 Honda CB250ND-B Superdream 1983 Honda CB250ND-B Superdream
    1980 Honda CB 250N Superdream Honda CB 250N Superdream
    1980 Honda CB250 Super Dream 1980 Honda CB250 Super Dream
    1981 Honda CB250 Super Dream CB250 Super Dream
    1987 Honda CB250TD-E Racer Honda CB250TD-E Racer
    • The bike was built a few years back using a cb 125 frame and engine.
    • Ppredator stainless exhaust system.
    • Steering damper
    • Ali chain guard
    • Custom built ali fuel tank with stainless taps
    • Custom ali dash with new dials.
    • Braided hoses
    • Custom built fairing
    • Stainless air trumpets
    • Taylor leads
    1979 Honda CB250N 1979 Honda CB250N
    1970 Honda CB250 K2 Racing Bike 1970 Honda CB250 K2 Racing Bike
    Honda CB250RS Honda CB250RS
  • Engine - 248cc, 4-stroke ohc single
  • Power - 26bhp
  • Top Speed - 90mph
  • MPG - 60
  • Weight - 136kg (300lb
  • Launched - 1980-1984. More info..
  • 1991 Honda CB250 1991 Honda CB250  

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