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1983 Honda VF 500C Magna V30 Honda VF 500C Magna V30 Honda fills the V-4 gap with the V30 Magna, a machine which, if nothing else, possesses the most sophisticated engine in the class. Honda has all V-engined bets covered this year, offering vees of two speeds: the Magna and the even more laid back V-twin Shadow. The twin truly is a cruiser to the core, with its Harleyesque looks and extreme riding position. The Magna, though it looks the part of the boulevard loafer, has a more bearable seating layout, as well as the most and best power in the class. The inline four Nighthawk 550 that Honda offered last year has been discontinued, leaving the in-line market to its only competitor, Kawasaki, with its shaft-drive KZ550 LTD, the third and final player in the class this year. These three very different motorcycles give anyone who likes custom styling room for choice in the 500 division.
1984 Honda VF 500F Interceptor Honda VF 500F Interceptor
  • Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder
  • 70bhp @ 11,500 rpm
  • 6 speed
  • Disc brakes
  • 185kg
  • 128mph
1985 Honda VF 500F2 Honda VF 500F2 The VF sports a sixteen valve, dohc, V-four water-cooled motor of hugely over-square dimensions and hefty 11:1 compression. It has a full fairing, sixteen inch front wheel, anti -dive, Pro - link rear suspension, a hydraulic clutch, and enough styling pizzazz to frustrate the most ardent boy-racer customizer.
1985 Honda VF 500F Interceptor 1985 Honda VF 500F Interceptor With its potent 90-degree V-4 engine and ultra-light weight, the half-liter Interceptor has all the racetrack prowess of its larger VF brothers. Like the other Interceptors, the 500 sports a box-section frame and swingarm, a 16-inch front wheel equipped with dual disc brakes, TRAC anti-dive and an integrated fork brace. The hydraulic clutch feeds power through a close-ratio six-speed tranny to a low-maintenance O-ring drive chain, and the Pro-Link rear suspension unit has four-way-adjustable rebound damping.
1987 Honda VF500F2 Honda VF500 The VF500's engine is something of a mongrel in that it combines parts and technology borrowed from the VF400F and the VT250, a 250cc V-Twin mini-Interceptor also sold in Europe and Japan. The easiest way to envision the 500's engine is as a strengthened VF400 bottom end with a pair of VT250 top ends grafted on side-by-side. And, in fact, the 500 Four puts out exactly twice the horsepower that Honda claims for the VT250 Twin.

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