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Honda VF400 Gallery

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Bike Image Description
1982 Honda VF 400F VF 400F
  • Liquid cooled, four stroke, V-four
  • 55.5bhp @ 12,500rpm
  • 6 speed
  • Disc brakes
  • 175kg
1983 Honda VF 400F Euro Honda VF 400F Euro  
Honda VF400F Honda VF400 Japanese import. 399cc, 55bhp.
1984 Honda VF 400F Integra Honda VF 400F Integra

This was equipped with a fairing VF400F Integra, which was designed aerodynamic advantage gained in technical activities of domestic and international road race, and rectifying the effects of air travel, while reducing air resistance He has achieved a comfortable ride. In addition to the body to mount the fairing, the fairing mounted by a meter and is designed with consideration of the inertial mass to reduce the steering wheel. The full fairing, is working to reduce fatigue and reduce the resistance by riders under pressure at high speeds and long-distance touring.

The release of this VF400F Integra, Honda 400cc sports bike models 16 and type 13, which was to answer a wide range of customer needs.

1986 Honda VF400FD Honda VF400FD  

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