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Honda VF1000 Gallery

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Honda's enthusiasm for the V4 engine I layout in the early 1980s was such that by 1984 the VF range comprised six models with capacities ranging from 400 to 1000cc. The fastest and most glamorous was the VF1000R: a limited edition super-sports machine that was created, with little expense spared, to dominate production racing in the way that the straight-four CB1100R had done three years earlier. With its full fairing and racy red. white and blue paintwork, the VF1000R looked every bit the street-legal competition machine. Its specification list was mouth-watering, based on a liquid-cooled, 90-degree V4 engine that incorporated gear-driven overhead camshafts and produced no less than 122 hp @ l0,000 rpm.

Bike Image Description
1984 Honda VF 1000F Honda VF 1000F
  • Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
  • 116bhp @ 10,000rpm
  • 150mph
  • 36mpg
  • 234kg
  • 5 speed
  • Disc brakes
1984 Honda VF1000RR VF1000 This is one of the original UK Model VF1000RE. It has been called the bike built before the RC30 and was Honda’s first special V4.
1984 Honda VF1000 RE Honda VF1000
1984 Honda VF 1000R Honda VF 1000R
1985 Honda VF 1000R 1985 Honda VF 1000R
1984 Honda VF1000RE 1984 Honda VF1000 RE
1985 Honda VF 1000F 1985 Honda VF 1000F
1985-86 Honda VF 1000F2 Bol Dor Honda VF 1000F2 Bol Dor Following the release of the VF1000FF in 1985, a fully faired version was introduced, and the VF1000F2(F) was launched in April 1985.
The powerful 1000cc V-4 had been packaged into two super sports bikes and it was now time to show that the VF could be a real sports tourer too.
1986 Honda VF1000 F2 Bold'or 1986 Honda VF1000 F2 Bold'or
1986 Honda VF1000R Honda Interceptor For road riding the VF1000R was a seductively fast and comfortable companion. Its fairing combined with the racy riding position to give excellent wind protection. High-speed stability was absolute, and the engine was superbly powerful and torquey. The I000R cruised effortlessly at well over 100mph (161km/h). and surged smoothly to a top speed of 150mph(241km/h).
1986 Honda VF 1000R Rothmans Honda VF 1000R Rothmans  
1986 Honda VF1000FF 1986 Honda VF1000FF  

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