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Bull-it Carbon SR6 JeansBull-it offer many different styles of the SR6 jeans (eighteen in total, including ladies).

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Editor Editor's Review

 Kevlar jeans for bikers have been around for years and, as a result, there are many different manufacturers offering them, ideally suited to a casual biker or commuter who doesn wish to adopt a set of leathers, kevlar jeans can also offer more comfort, especially in the summer. However, these jeans are not manufactured using kevlar but a relatively new product called Covec. Check out their burn test results on you tube -

Kevlar is often blended with other fibres and the amount of kevlar used can vary greatly so motorcyclists perception can be distorted.

About Bull-it

Founded in the UK in 2006 and working with Covec since 2013, Bull-it make great denim clothing for everyday bikers, revolutionising the motorcycle clothing market and offering a reasonably priced alternative to leathers, products that are fashionable and can also be used everyday.

Bull-it offer many different styles of the SR6 jeans (eighteen in total, including ladies).

About Covec

Partnering with Bull-it, (also a UK company), they specialise in creating echnical textiles and mix synthetic, engineered and/or natural fibres to create superior motorcycle jeans built to withstand burn tests simulated to replicate the effect of sliding down the road on your arse!

Bull-it SR6 Jeans Features;

  • High abrasion resistant
  • High cut resistance
  • High melting point
  • Does not break with folding
  • Non flammable
  • High chemical resistance
  • Water Repellent
  • Built in pockets for EC 1621 approved armour
  • High burst strength (triple stitching)

Abrasion Resistance

Made in Pakistan, Bull-it SR6 Jeans are offered with Covec 600 gsm, resulting in 6+ seconds of abrasion resistance,

exceeding the CE EN 13595-L Level 1 Impact Abrasion Resistance Test. They are CE-tested to EN 13595-2 Level 2 for 7.97

seconds, making them the first jeans in the world to achieve Level 2 standards.

Cut Resistance

To help protect bikers from roadside glass, rocks and sharp objects.

Thermal Barrier

The Covec lining provides low thermal conductivity and a high melting point, reducing the risk of burns from an accident. The five-layer construction allows for riders to stay cool in hot conditions but also warmer in the winter.

£129.99 and available in a multitude of different sizes.

The Review

We were pleased to see that the SR6 jeans we received to review were using the old fashioned zip fly (and not a button fly). Lined with a polyester mesh and very lightweight, they didn feel like a pair of jeans, more like cargo pants. The mesh felt comfortable against the skin and not unnatural. One downside - when putting on the jeans we kept catching our feet in the internal pockets designed to hold the armour (sold separately) which was a little annoying but only a small issue which wouldn put us off buying a pair. The jeans will accept knee as well as hip armour.

The jeans are a straight/regular fit and unlike other kevlar jeans we have tested in the past, these hide the various seams (designed to contain the kevlar) well and appear like a egular pair of trousers offering a casual look.

We only tested the jeans in 15-25 temperatures and they kept us nice and cool.

We didn undertake any drag or burn tests but you can see some burn tests in the you tube link above.

Very well made and highly recommended by us.

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