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Yamaha XS400 Gallery

Yamaha have been trying to cater for all tastes and marketing machines with similar capacity in both two-stroke and four-stroke guises in the mid 70s. The XS400 is the company's four-stroke machine in the popular 400 class and is completely different from the RD400 two-stroke which has a much sportier image, even if in reality both bikes are just about equal in performance.

The XS450's nearest relation is the similar-looking XS360, and both have parallel air-cooled twin-cylinder engines driving through six-speed gearboxes. The single-overhead-camshaft unit is very oversquare with dimensions of 69mm x 52mm stroke, and it can rev to 9000rpm, which is quite high for a twin. Unlike the other 400 twins in the same class, the XS does not have counter balance shafts, which means the motor does vibrate more than the opposition, but this is not noticeable above 4500rpm. More important than the bike's 38bhp is the torque produced which peaks at 22lbft at 7500rpm, but stays within 5lbft of that figure right down to 4000. On the road, this means that the Yamaha will pull strongly and evenly over a large speed band.

A top speed of 105mph can be achieved while acceleration over a standing start quarter mile takes a very creditable 14.0.seconds. There are single disc brakes at either end to stop the bike which are mounted on attractive alloy wheels which, in turn, help take away some of the bulkiness of the bike's looks. Yamaha also devised neat paintwork on the tank and side panels which helps break up the lines, again to make the bike appear smaller than its 3621b would otherwise suggest.

The standard of equipment on the middleweight Yamaha is equal to that of many Japanese machines, and betters them with an ingenious indicator system which is worked by a linkage to the speedometer. This means that the winkers stay on for a certain distance which has no bearing on time but just distance travelled.

Bike Image Description
1977 Yamaha XS400 Yamaha XS400 Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.
1984 Yamaha XS400 Custom Special 1984 Yamaha XS400 Custom Special American (Calafornian) Imported Yamaha XS 400 Special Custom.
1980 Yamaha XS400 SE Yamaha XS400 SE 34bhp. Custom Special US Import Cruiser. Kick & Electric Start.
1980 Yamaha XS400 Special Yamaha XS400 Special Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.
1982 Yamaha XS400R Yamaha XS400R The Seca 400R does more than just complete Yamaha's lineup. There are other bikes in the middleweight class that are faster, and there are others that handle better, but few combine handling, comfort, power, and economy the way the Seca does. As an entry-level machine, it is an excellent choice. As a motorcycle in The Great Scheme of Things, it is far more fun than its practical performance and $1999 price tag would lead you to believe.

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