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Yamaha TZR125 Gallery

The skinny proportions of the TZR make you feel like a racer a little more than its wider competitors. The tank, seat and bodywork all flow along without the hint of an unwanted lump or blemish. Indeed the TZR makes fewer pretensions to being a big bike than some: it's quite happy being a fast, noisy small bike. Comfort is reasonable, though, and although the bars skimp on rubber the footrests are veritably obscene in the amount they use to shelter young legs from vibration. They are largely successful.

Bike Image Description
1987 Yamaha TZR125 Yamaha TZR 125 Liquid cooled, single cylinder, two stroke, read valve.
1988 Yamaha TZR 125 1988 Yamaha TZR 125  
1989 Yamaha TZR125 Yamaha TZR125 Liquid cooled, single cylinder, two stroke, read valve.
1991 Yamaha TZR125R Yamaha TZR125 R  
1993 Yamaha TZR125R 1993 Yamaha TZR125 R As 'only' a 125, it's the TZR's race-spec chassis that you're getting for your money. Lacking only the 250's banana swing-arm, the TZR has a trellis that wouldn't look out of place in a GP paddock: aluminium Deltabox twin spar frame; braced, box-section ally swing-arm; 39mm upside-down forks; a huge semi-floating front disc gripped by a four-pot caliper; lightweight, 17in three-spoke wheels and lots of fat rubber - a 110/70 at the front with a 140/70 at the rear.

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