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Yamaha TD Gallery

Bike Image Description
Yamaha TD1 Yamaha TD1 1962 Yamaha TD1 (The 1st Yamaha to have won a race in the UK)
1962 Yamaha TD1 1962 Yamaha TD1 Image provided courtesey of
1963 Yamaha TD1A Yamaha TD1A Image provided courtesey of
1963 Yamaha TD1B 1963 Yamaha TDi Classic racer, 250cc
1964 Yamaha TD1B Yamaha TD1B


Image provided courtesey of

1967 Yamaha TD1C Yamaha TD1C 246cc.
1969 Yamaha TD2 Production Racer 1969 Yamaha TD2 Production Racer

The Yamaha TD2 is a road racing motorcycle made by Yamaha between 1969 and 1970. More info..

1972 Yamaha TD3 Yamaha TD3

The TD3 250cc and TD3 350cc models were the final developments of air-cooled twin racers built by Yamaha, being replaced by the water-cooled TZ250 and 350A models in 1973.

Following the retirement of the awesome V4 factory racers in 1968 and the restriction to 2 cylinders and 6 gears for 250 and 350 classes by the FIM, Yamaha concentrated on production racers and while they still had a factory team it was possible for privateers to be competitive with the factory bikes and in some cases beat them. Phil Read's 1971 World Championship on a TD2B in a Godden frame being a good example.

The success of the marquee brought about the demise of the 350 Grand prix class as it was impossible to differentiate between the 250 and 350 grids which were totally made up of Yamaha bikes.

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