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Velocette LE Gallery

The LE Velocette with its horizontally opposed water cooled twin cylinder engine and all enclosing bodywork was launched in 1948 as a response readdress criticisms that motorcycles were noisy and dirty, and to a large extent it was successful in this respect however its initial performance was somewhat pedestrian.

As a result the motor was eventually increased to a displacement of 192ccs and the hand-operated starter and gearchange were replaced with foot-activated mechanisms. It became a popular mount for the police forces, but sadly was not an enormous hit with the motorcycling public, and the concept was destined to enter the annals of motorcycling history. More Velocette LE information.

Bike Image Description
Velocette LE Velocette LE
  • Production - 1948-1968
  • Engine - 192cc, horizontally-opposed side-valve four-stroke twin
  • Top Speed - 52mph
  • Horsepower - 8bhp @ 5000rpm
  • Bore and Stroke - 50 x 49mm
  • Picture kindly provided by

    1950 Velocetee LE Mk1 1950 Velocetee LE Mk1 LE Velocette history.
    1951 Velocette LE MkII Velocette LE MkII The "Motor Cycle" test machine outside the main gate of Birmingham University
    1951 Velocette LE 1951 Velocette LE 200cc, Mk2.
    1958 Velocette LE Mk2 1958 Velocette LE Mk2
    1962 Velocette LE 1962 Velocette LE Ex Lancashire Constabulary motorcycle
    1963 MK3 LE velocette 1963 MK3 LE Velocette
  • Engine - 192cc, water-cooled, horizontally opposed
  • Horsepower - 8bhp @ 5000rpm
  • Top Speed - 52 mph
  • Bore - 50mm x 49mm
  • 1958 -1971
  • 1963 Velocette LE Mk III, ex-Police, 192cc 1963 Velocette LE Mk III, ex-Police, 192cc Single valve, water-cooled twin.
    1964 Velocette LE 200 Mark III Velocette LE 200 Mark III
    1965 Velocette LE 200cc 1965 Velocette LE
    1966 Velocette LE 200 Police Bike 1966 Velocette LE 200 Police Bike

    1967 Velocette LE Ex-Police

    1967 Velocette LE Ex-Police  
    1971 Velocette LE 1971 Velocette LE

    It actually is the 2nd to the last Velocette off the assembly line as it was made with the Birmingham England plant was in receivership and scheduled to close. This bike was imported to California but was never sold by the importer. This was bought from the collection of the importer  in May 2006. Thanks to proper storage (excepting the petrol left in the tank) she is in very good condition.

    The LE stands for "little engine" and was first produced in 1949. This one is a MK3 with 4 speeds, a kick starter, shaft drive, rubber mounted engine, water cooled, 200cc flat head opposing twin.

    Picture kindly provided by

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