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Norton Jubilee Gallery

The Jubilee was launched in late 1958 and so named to mark Norton's 60 years as a motorcycle manufacturer. The engine was a completely new design by Bert Hopwood who had also been responsible some ten years earlier for the Dominator engine design.

It was the first Norton to feature a unit construction engine and gearbox. Although the engine was a new design, the frame, gearbox internals, front forks and brakes were all taken from other machines in the AMC parent group's range.

Originally offered in De Luxe trim with a rear end enclosure until 1964, the Standard model arrived in 1961, continuing in production until 1966. It is perhaps the least appreciated of Nortons owing to its sedate performance, having the smallest engine of any machine ever produced by Norton.

Bike Image Description
1961 Norton Jubilee Norton Jubilee 250cc.
1961 Norton Jubilee, 250cc 1961 Norton Jubilee, 250cc
1961 Norton Jubilee Norton Jubilee 250cc, four-speed manual.
1961 Norton Jubilee Norton Jubilee  
1963 Norton Jubilee Jubilee  
1964 Norton Jubilee 1964 Norton Jubilee  

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