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Norton ES2 Gallery

The Norton Model ES2 was first introduced in the late 1920s using a '3 tube CS1' frame, and the basics of the earlier OHV motor, redesigned with rear-mounted magneto and enclosed pushrods. The frame design was soon to be changed for the traditional twin rear tube cradle frame, which was to remain in production in various guise until the introduction of the Featherbed frame in the mid 50s.

The ES2 proved to be an immensely popular mount for the serious motorcyclist, and good examples are always in demand. More Norton ES2 information.

Bike Image Description
1938 Racing Rigid ES2 1938 Racing Rigid ES2  
1939 Norton ES2, 500cc 1939 Norton ES2, 500cc
1947 Racing Plunger ES2 1947 Racing Plunger ES2
1948 Norton ES2 Plunger Norton ES2 Plunger 500cc. Single Plunger Frame Bike.
1949 Norton ES2 1949 Norton ES2  
1950 Norton ES2
Norton ES2

The ES2 500cc was one of NortonÆs longest running models remaining in their ôlistsö until the 1960Æs. The over head valve single was marketed as a sporting mount for the discerning rider (who could not justify/afford an Inter) during the late forties and early fifties.

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1951 Norton ES2
Norton ES2 This example is nicely restored and sporting the pre war design rigid rear frame and Norton Roadholder forks represents what some regard as the best of the Norton singles, before the introduction of the plunger suspension arrangement.
1953 Norton ES2 1953 Norton ES2
1954 Norton ES2 1954 Norton ES2
1955 Norton ES2 1955 Norton ES2
1956 Norton ES2 1956 Norton ES2
1956 Norton ES2 Norton ES2 500cc, four-speed manual.
1956 Norton ES2 Norton ES2 1956
  • Roadholder Forks
  • Akront Aluminium Rims
  • Mikuni Carb
1960 Norton ES2 1960 Norton ES2  

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