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Norton Electra Gallery

This infrequently seen model is notable as the first Norton to feature an electric starter (there were only ever two machines built with electric start anyway). Only in production from 1963 to 1965, its engine is a slightly enlarged version of that fitted to the 350cc Navigator, with which it shares most of its cycle parts, though the frame is strengthened and a 7" rear brake fitted as on the Dominator twins. Direction indicators fitted into the end of the handlebars are a distinguishing feature. Chrome plated mudguards were standard on export bikes in 1963 and on the home market ones from the following year.

The cylinder is overbored in order to obtain the extra cubic capacity and there were some modifications made to the crankcase because of this. Gearbox internals also differ from those fitted to the smaller machine.

The Electra was an early casualty in 1965 along with the Navigator as AMC sought in vain to stave off imminent financial collapse.

Bike Image Description
1963 Norton Electra Norton Electra

This bike started life in Florida in 1963 and has matching frame and engine numbers EL865. One of the first to be exported and maybe the oldest survivor. It has Dominator front forks, front and rear brakes and front and rear wheels.

Norton Electra gallery

1963 Norton Electra 1963 Norton Electra  
1964 Norton Electra 400ES Norton Electra 400ES Here is a very nice example of the rarest of the 60’s Norton Lightweight Twins, the electric start Electra 400ES. This particular example was first registered in Berkshire in March 1964.
1965 Norton Electra Norton Electra 400cc. The bike is a 400cc “electric start” twin sharing many parts with its big brothers ie the Dommie, Atlas etc, such as wheels, forks etc.

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