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Norton Atlas Gallery

The Atlas was in production for 6 years from 1962, though for the first couple of years it was only sold on the export market, by far the largest number going to the Berliner Motor Corporation in the U.S.A. Although sharing identical styling with the 650SS, the Atlas was offered with several petrol tank colour options, black, silver, green and most popular, red. An easy recognition point is the breather exit on the left hand side of the crankcase at the end of the camshaft.

The Atlas engine is an enlarged version of the 650SS with the bore opened out from 68mm to 73mm, giving a small but welcome power increase to 49 b.h.p. combined with a lot more torque but regrettably with more vibration. Handling is impeccable, thanks to the esteemed Featherbed frame, but the single leading shoe front brake does not rate too highly by modern standards.

With the appearance of the revolutionary Commando in 1967, the Atlas became somewhat redundant and was deleted together with the 650SS from the range in 1968.

Bike Image Description
1964 Norton Atlas 1964 Norton Atlas  
1965 Norton Atlas 1965 Norton Atlas Image supplied by
1967 Norton Atlas 1967 Norton Atlas  
1967 Norton Atlas Norton Atlas 750 cafe racer.
1968 Norton Atlas Norton Atlas

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