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Norton 16H Gallery

Norton revised the 490cc 16H engine for 1931, establishing the form that would remain until the end of production nearly three decades later. The magneto was moved from the "vintage" forward mounted position to behind the cylinder and the lubrication became dry sump. These revisions were followed in 1935 by the adoption of the Norton 4 speed foot operated gearbox. More Norton 16H information.

Bike Image Description
1925 Norton 16H Combination 1925 Norton 16H Combination  
1940 Norton 16H WD 1940 Norton 16h WD
Norton WD 16H 1943 Norton WD 16H 1943
1944 Norton WD 16H 1944 Norton 16H  
1944 Norton 16H WD 1944 Norton 16H WD Ex-RAF despatch riders motorcycle.
1946 Norton 16H 1946 Norton 16H 500cc.
1946 Norton 16H Norton 16H Side Valve Sidevalve 500cc.
1948 Norton 16H 1948 Norton 16H 500cc military.
1949 Norton 16H Norton 16H 500cc.
1950 Norton ES2 16H 1950 Norton ES2 16H 500cc, 170kg.

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