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Honda XL250 Gallery

The XL250, and the later XL350, laid the groundwork for the revolutionary Yamaha XT500 of 1975, which initiated the big modern four-stroke-enduro wave. The XL250 is an "enduro" or dual sport like, but it is street legal type bike and intended for on and off-road use. The bike is completely mechanically operated and there are no hydraulics on the bike at all. The 250cc 4-stroke motor produces 24 bhp at the wheel. The bike weighs 288 lbs with oil, grease, and fuel, which the capacity is 2.4 gallons (9.5 litres). Demand for this model has remained high among collectors and enthusiasts.

Bike Image Description
Honda XL250 Honda XL250
  • Engine - 249cc, 4-stroke ohc single
  • Power - 20bhp
  • Top Speed - 80mph
  • MPG - 70
  • Launched - 1976-1986
  • 1974 Honda XL250 1974 Honda XL250

    This bike is a four stroke 250cc introduced in 1972 and manufactured through most of the 1980s. When it appeared it was the first modern four stroke enduro motorcycle, and the first mass-produced 4-valve motorcycle. (The first 4-valve single was the Rudge 4-valve of the 1920s, and the first 4-valve engine was the Indian 8-valve V2 racer of 1911).

    Americal import model.

    1974 Honda Flat Tracker Champion 1974 Honda Flat Tracker Champion frame XL 250 AHRMA
    1975 Honda XL250 1975 Honda XL250  
    1976 Honda XL 250 1976 Honda XL 250
    • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, OHC
    • Drum brakes
    • 5 speed
    • 20bhp @ 8000rpm
    1976 Honda XL250 1976 Honda XL250 Honda XL250 Road Test
    1978 Honda XL250S Honda XL250 S
    1978 Honda XL250S XL250S
    1982 Honda XL250S 1982 Honda XL250S Originally registered in Germany.
    1982 Honda XL 250R 1982 Honda XL250R  
    1982 Honda XL 250R Paris Dakar 1982 Honda XL 250R Paris Dakar
    • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC
    • 124kg
    • 6 speed
    1983 Honda XL250RC 1982 Honda XL250RC  

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