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Honda CX500 Gallery

Unlike most other vees, the CX500 has its cylinders mounted at 80° with the cylinders then twisted by 22° so that the mixture goes straight from the hidden carburettors into the combustion chamber and out of the exhaust without any power-consuming twists. Having that set-up also means that the carburettors are conveniently out of the way of the rider's legs. The main problem with the twist of the cylinders is that it rules out the possibility of employing overhead camshafts, so the CX500 has instead a central cam operating lengthy pushrods. These operate rockers on either head which are connected to the four valves per cylinder. Not only does the engine rev freely with such efficient breathing, but it is also powerful, producing 50bhp at 9000rpm.

Bike Image Description
Honda CX500 Honda CX500
  • Engine - 499cc, 4-stroke ohv V-twin
  • Power - 50bhp
  • Top Speed - 105mph
  • MPG - 50
  • Weight - 200kg (440lb)
  • Launched - 1978-1983. More Honda CX500 info.
  • 1977 Honda CX500 Honda CX500 Considering that Honda had a 500CC four-cylinder machine at one time, the CX500 may seem a backward step, but underneath is an advanced technology which makes the middleweight bike one of the most interesting.
    1978 Honda CX500 Honda CX500 1978 Honda's offering in the increasingly popular half-litre class is unlike any of its competitors, and unlike any other Honda before, being a water-cooled vee-twin, with a longitudinally seated crankshaft.
    1978 Honda CX500 1978 Honda CX500
    1979 HOnda CX500 Custom Honda CX500 Custom
    1979 Honda CX500 1979 Honda CX500
    1979 Honda CX500 Custom 1979 Honda CX500 Custom
    1979 Honda CX500 CX500  
    1980 Honda CX500 1980 Honda CX500  
    1982 Honda CX500 Eurosport Honda CX500 Eurosport  
    1982 Honda CX500 Euro 1982 Honda CX500 Euro
    • Liquid cooled, four stroke, longitudinal 800 V-twin cylinder, SOHC 4 valves per cylinder operated by pushrods
    • 225kg
    • 5 speed
    • 50bhp @ 9000rpm
    1982 Honda CX 500TC Turbo 1982 Honda CX 500TC Turbo The CX500 Turbo with which Honda stunned the motorcycle world in 1982 was one of the least likely bikes ever to be put into production. The turbocharged V-twin was large, heavy, complex and expensive. From the moment it was unveiled, many observers regarded the Turbo as more of a corporate statement than a serious superbike.
    1982 Honda CX 500 Turbo
    Honda CX 500 Turbo Only 3,501 were ever made.
    1982 Honda CX500B 1982 Honda CX500B  
    1983 Honda CX500 Eurosport Honda CX500 Eurosport  
    1983 Honda CX500 Eurosport CX500 Eurosport  
    1983 Honda CX500 Eurosport 1983 Honda CX500 Eurosport  

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