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Honda CBX1000 Gallery

Late in 1978, Honda unleashed the most awe-inspiring roadster ever seen onto the world of motorcycling with the incredible six-cylinder CBX. It was a bike created with inspiration and experience derived from the firm's legendary six-cylinder RC166 250cc GP racer. Both RC and CBX were the brainchild of one man: Shocihiro Irimajiri.

In 1978, Honda's development team headed by Soichiro Honda, finished work on the 1047 cc, 24 valve, six cylinder "CBX." It was the final of three designs of the CBX engine. The three options initially considered for design were the four cylinder 1000cc and 1200cc engines, and the six cylinder 1047cc.

The 6 cylinder 1047 cc design eventually won the day, but not without numerous design complications. Clearly the initial headache was that of managing a workable design using an engine 585 mm wide. Narrowing the width of the crank case, widening the tank area and tilting the engine forward by 30 degrees were some of the design aspects that were use to make it work.

With six cylinders fed by as many carbs, and double-overhead cams operating 24 valves, the air-cooled 1047cc CBX engine produced 103bhp, enough for it to be the quickest, most powerful production motor to date.

But awsome powerplant apart, the CBX was fairly conventional: a steel backone frame, twin-shock rear suspension and triple-disc brakes, giving adequate, if laboured handling, no real surprise given the CBX's bulk.

That and the CBX's astronomical price (twice as much as the CB900F) nullified the appeal of the awsome six-cylinder engine. As a result, the CBX had a short, four-year production run: the first two years as a pure sports machine, the last two as a sports tourer with the Prolink single shock rear suspension, fairing and saddlebags.

It was the original 1979 CBX, thought, that demonstrated the sheer audacity of Honda's engineering. Building a six was one thing, but putting one into mass production that lived up to Honda's standards of performance, durability and ease of use, was a marvel.

CBX1000 Specification;

  • Power - 105bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Torque - 52lbft @ 6500rpm
  • Dry weight - 247kg
  • Top speed - 135mph
  • Fuel capacity - 20litres
  • Air-cooled 1047cc (64.5 x 53.4mm), dohc four-stroke four, 24v. 6 x 28mm Keihin carbs, five-speed, chain drive.
  • Tubular steel duplex cradle. Telescopic front forks, no adjust. Twin rear shocks, preload adjust
  • 2 x 2766mm front discs, 296mm raer disc.
Bike Image Description
Honda CBX1000 Honda CBX1000
  • Engine - 1015cc, air-cooled in-line six
  • Power - 105bhp
  • Top Speed - 128mph
  • Launched - 1978-1983
  • 1978 Honda CBX1000Z 1978 Honda CBX1000Z More info..
    1979 Honda CBX1000 1979 Honda CBX1000 Gas flowed head with dyna tune with K&N,s,pipemaster exhaust,cb1100 front wheel with prolink front end,vf750 rear wheel with twin pots allround
    1979 Honda CBX1000Z 1979 Honda CBX1000Z
    1979 Honda CBX1000 1979 Honda CBX1000
    1979 Honda CBX Super Sport Honda CBX
    1979 Honda CBX 1979 Honda CBX 1047cc.
    1980 Honda CBX 1000Z 1979 Honda CBX  
    1981 Honda CBX1000Z Honda CBX1000Z  
    1982 Honda CBX 6 1982 Honda CBX 6 Very rare European model imported from Germany, completely stock including exhaust system, new tires & battery. Excellent runner has 76,000K recent service done, has collector plate status in British Columbia. The1982 model was the final year for the CBX - The 'C' model was introduced and differed from the 'B' in only two respects - it now featured a pillion grab rail, and the colour change to "Pearl White". Honda was now targeting the touring riders needs, to travel greater distances comfortably. The race inspired Pro-Link suspension was perfected to provide progressive spring and damping rates. Yet at the heart of this magnificent bike, was the awe inspiring 6 cylinder engine (The Honda CBX inline 6 cylinder 1047 cc was produced over the period 1978 - 1982} that provided the power to satisfy any performance enthusiast.
    1982 Honda CBX1000B Honda CBX1000B  

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