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Honda CB93 125

Honda CB93  125

Honda's first Super Sports 125 twin to use the race CR93 type chassis, suspension and brakes.
125 super sports prior to this, the CB92 and CS92 both had rather old fashioned, even for that time leading link front forks, and a pressed steel frame, and with a 'performance at all costs' cam were not easy to keep on the boil, a lot of fun never the less!

This CB93 addressed most of the problems, it handled well, and looked great. The surprisingly heavy weight (124kg/272lbs) sapped the performance a little, which lead to the CB96, or CB160 as most know it today.The weak point was the four speed box, not because it was weak, but simply needed a fifth cog to keep this peppy little twin on the boil! At least the CB160 had a little more torque, so was not as compromised as the early CB92.

Of course the five speed box in later machines covered elsewhere in this web site made all the difference.
The CB175 K4 gearbox will fit easily into this engine, and improves the riding experience a lot, and of course does not detract from the original looks of the machine.

CB72 and CB77 owners would all attest to the advantages of another ratio, so why not the smallest twins, with even less mid range torque?

Mechanical specification

  • Honda CB93 model year 1964:
  • Engine type: Single overhead cam twin cylinder two valve.
  • Bore and stroke: 44mm x 41mm
  • Compression ratio 9:5:1
  • Carburettors: twin Keihin 22mm slide type
  • Weight: 124kg
  • Dimensions: 1975mm x 745mm x 990mm
  • Displacement: 124cc
  • Power 15 BHP @ 10,000 RPM
  • Torque 1.07kgm @ 9200 RPM
  • Tyre sizes: Front 2.50 x 18/rear 2.75 x 18

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