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Honda CB175K3

CB175 K3

These machines were never imported to the U.K, but were both fast and blessed with fine handling. With 20BHP @ 10500rpm, and a slick 5 speed box. The K4 was soon to replace this without knee pads and different shaped side panels, which were also coloured not left in 'the white'.

Faster than the CB72, but not the CB250KO which was the quickest four stroke 250 produced until the CBR250 RR some 30 years later!

This chassis was shared with the CB125K3 model, but of course with a totally different engine sharing no common parts, and the Cb125K3 had a very stylish rev-counter/speedo in one body let into the headlight in true 'Sixties style! This 175K3 had separate speedo and rev-counters mounted in the 1970's style, the first Honda other than the CB250 to do so.

The CB175K3 (Candy Orange) above is owned by Brian King from New Hampshire in the USA.
As Brian points out this was the later type with a stripe on the fuel tank with a coloured Honda lettered badge. This later type also had a pleated rather than plain seat. The earlier types, according to Brian had no stripe, white Honda letters and a plain seat.

I welcome any input from fellow enthusiasts, with images if possible about these rarest of CB175 models.What is clear about these machines is that the same chassis was used for CB125K3 and CB175 K4 as well as this the K3. Brand-New NOS chassis are still available, not numbered at £250.00 each. If you have a basket case with a rotten or bent chassis, this is an opportunity to build the super sport twin of your dreams!

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