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Derbi Motorcycle History

1922 - DERBI was founded by Simeon Rabasa Singla as a bicycle repair shop in 1922. The shop soon expanded and Mr. Rabasa had to buy new bays to cover the production of bicycles.

1949 - After the 2nd World War, DERBI begins mass production of the first moped, the DERBI SRS. The SRS was the first moped built entirely by RABASA DERBI. The name comes from the initials of Simeón Rabasa Singla.

1957 - DERBI launches the motorcycles with the biggest cylinder capacity, the two-cylinder 350 cc and 16 HP mass-produced by DERBI. Production rises to 4,200 units and the number of employees to 280.

1965 - The new Spanish legislation on mopeds comes into force, stipulating collapsible pedals and a maximum speed on flat land not exceeding 40 Km/h In the course of this year the Antorcha 49 was born.

1977 - The sector undergoes a period of crisis. Bultaco, Mototrans and OSSA disappear from the market. Suzuki takes over Abelló, Honda takes over Montesa and Yamaha takes over Sanglas.DERBI manages to survive.

1982 - The new DERBI engine for mass-produced models is produced, with a new cylinder covering 50 to 80 cc. It is also redesigned to have 4, 5 or 6 speeds depending on the legislation in each country. SCOOT, the new scooter, is presented at the Paris Exhibition Hall in September, since legislation in France does not rule that mopeds must have pedals.

1992 - Launch of the scooter Vamos. DERBI begins restructuring in anticipation of the year 2000.

1997 - DERBI makes major investment in the scooter market. DERBI takes on a thorough renovation of the range introducing a new generation of models: Hunter.

1999 - DERBI consolidates its position in the scooter market with the introduction of the Atlantis, a city bike which is easy to manage and is available at a very competitive price.

2000 - DERBI introduces the new Senda R and the new Supermotard. They represent a complete revolution of motorcycles with gears since they incorporate a perimeter frame like that of GP bikes which is unique in the sector.

2001 - With the new millennium, DERBI boosts its sport models range: - In July Derbi becomes part of Piaggio Group. This opens new scenarios for Derbi's strategies in the twentieth century.

2002 - DERBI launches the first Moto scooter with a 125 and 150 cc. engine. The Boulevard, an urban bike, is aimed at covering the demand for urban mobility.

2003 - - DERBI present an improved version of the renewed Senda. DRD come up with a Supermotard version - the answer for the most demanding of clients. - The new image does not just cover the scooter range. To complete the total renovation of the Company, the Brand Image is also refreshed - including the Logo. - Derbi introduces the New Black Edition, a limited series which represents a new era for the future of the company. It is an evolution of the top selling Senda, which has been given a youthful, racing look.