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Cotton Classic Motorcycles

The early reputation of this make was built on superb road-holding, which owed a lot to the triangulated frame invented by Francis Willoughby Cotton in 1913.

Cottons won many races in the 1920s with ohv Blackburne engines and survived into the 1970s, by which time they were producing motorcycles for the police and competitions with Villiers engineespite the fact that it says Condor on the motor, it is a Ducati, the Swiss Army would only buy Swiss machines, Condor were the only Swiss manufacturer, they couldn't build enough of the right type, so they got Ducati to build them for them and re-badge them as Condors. Cotton motorcycle history.

Bike Image Description
1932 Cotton Racer 1932 Cotton Racer
1934 Cotton Jap 1934 Cotton Jap
1937 Cotton 37/600, 600cc 1937 Cotton 37/600, 600cc
1939 Cotton Model 9 350cc COTTON MODEL 9 350cc 1939
1962 Cotton Cobra Scrambler COTTON COBRA SCRAMBLER 1962
1962 Cotton Cougar Scrambler COTTON COUGAR SCRAMBLER 1962
1965 Cotton 250 Scrambler Cotton 250 Scrambler
1967 Cotton Cougar, 250cc 1967 Cotton Cougar, 250cc
1968 Cotton Trials Cotton Trials This example of the 37A Trials model was purchased in kit form during 1968 and has remained in the same family's ownership since. The 37A Trials model had been introduced during 1967 as a replacement for the 250 Trials previously listed and featured a new lightweight frame in addition to the 37A power unit in place of the previous models 32A unit.
1970 Cotton Minarelli 170cc Trials Bike Cotton Minarelli 170cc Trials Bike
1994 Cotton Telstar Replica COTTON TELSTAR REPLICA 1994

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