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Honda CB77 Gallery

In the early '60s, it was the biggest Honda available, propelling the rider into a full-blown adrenaline rush with unsurpassed power and speed. The 1961 CB77 Super Hawk was the beginning of something spectacular-the Honda sport bike.

With speeds approaching the 100-mph mark, this was not a machine for the weak of heart. But the addition of telescopic forks, dual carbs and twin leading shoe brakes greatly enhanced acceleration, braking and handling. The CB77 gave the rider a feeling of control that many bikes of that era could not duplicate at half of the Super Hawk's top speed.

The 305cc engine came complete with overhead cams, a luxury that was found exclusively in the racing community at the time. Its 9200-rpm-redline was a nice antidote to the low-revving and quiet machines being developed in Europe. The 350-lb. stamped steel and tube frame provided a landing point for one of the decade's finest engines. Indeed, the CB77 was a loud and race-ready contender.

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Honda CB77 Honda CB77

The CB 77 was a fast sporting machine in its day, it could outperform many of its larger contemporaries with ease and decent bikes are becoming increasingly sought after.

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1961 Honda CB77 1961 Honda CB77 The Super Hawk owned the top spot in the Honda lineup until 1965 when Honda released the CB450.
1963 Honda CB77E 1963 Honda CB77E 305cc.
1964 Honda CB77 1964 Honda CB77  
1964 Honda CB77, 305cc 1964 Honda CB77, 305cc Honda CB77 road test
1965 Honda CB77E Dream 1965 Honda CB77 Dream  
1965 Honda CB77 Superhawk Honda CB77 Superhawk Late model with the "low-rise" handlebars.
1966 Honda Super Hawk Honda Super Hawk 305cc
1967 Honda CB77 Super Hawk 1967 Honda CB77 Super Hawk Highly modified for Road Racing. Pistons, Cams, Carburetors, Light weight alloy gas tank and seat, Clip-on race bars, rear set pegs, light-weight 18 inch alloy rims, Factory Megaphones, Yoshimura spec motor.
1968 Honda CB77 1968 Honda CB77 Image provided by
1968 Honda CB77 1968 CB77  

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