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BSA Spitfire Gallery

The 1968 MkIV version of BSA's speedy 650cc Spitfire twin was the last of the line. Two particular features distinguish it from its immediate predecessors, the first unit-construction A65 Spitfire MkII of 1966 and the MkIII of 1967.

Firstly, the MkII's Amal GP racing carburettors were replaced by the same maker's newly-introduced Concentric instruments on the 1967 MkIII. Secondly, the 1968 version has the twin-leading-shoe front brake introduced on BSA and Triumph 650s for that year, providing greater stopping power than the previous drum.

Less obvious technical changes for 1968 included the latest independently adjustable Lucas ignition points, providing accurate spark timing for smoother running, along with lubrication system improvements. During 1967, engine power output was boosted to more than 53 horsepower and BSA promoted its top performer in Production class racing. A factory-prepared Spitfire finished third in the 1968 750cc Production TT, behind two 750cc machines and was timed at over 132mph on a section of the Mountain course.

Bike Image Description
BSA A65 Spitfire Special BSA A65 Spitfire Special  
BSA trackmaster ARD Spitfire Lightning Hornet 650 BSA trackmaster ARD Spitfire Lightning Hornet 650
1965 BSA Hornet Spitfire 1965 BSA Hornet Spitfire 650cc.
1966 BSA Spitfire MK III 1966 BSA Spitfire MK III
  • 650cc, OHV
  • KW:38/7000u/min
  • Two Amal Caburetor
1966 BSA Spitfire Hornet 650 1966 BSA Spitfire Hornet 650
1967 BSA Spitfire BSA Spitfire US import.
1968 BSA A65 Spitfire MkIV 1968 650cc BSA A65 Spitfire MKIV
  • Engine - air-cooled 654cc OHV vertical twin
  • Horsepower - up to 55bhp @ 7000rpm
  • Top Speed - 110 mph
  • Brakes - drum/drum
  • Frame - tubular steel twin cradle
  • Transmission - 4 speed
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