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BSA M21 Gallery

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1937 BSA M21 BSA M21

600cc Side valve. This model was only produced for one year, after this there were big changes. In 1937 this bike had an 85mm bore after 37 they had an 82mm bore. The numbers are very low and was one of the first 1000 bikes produced.

1948 BSA M21, 600cc 1948 BSA M21, 600cc
1949 BSA M21 1949 BSA M21 600cc sidevalve single with Tradesman's platform sidecar.
1951 BSA M21 1951 BSA M21  
1952 BSA M21 BSA M21

BSA introduced a new range of singles in 1937 of which the M21 was one. It featured a lazy 596cc sidevalve motor with huge amounts of torque on tap and was squarely aimed at the sidecar market. Along with its close relative the 500cc M20 it was an immediate success, and continued in production through the war years and into the fifties, by which time the 'girders' had been replaced with telescopic forks.

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1953 BSA M21 1953 BSA M21  
1954 BSA M21 Plunger BSA M21 Plunger 600cc side-valve.
1954 BSA M21 1954 BSA M21 You are looking at one of the two actual bikes that was followed and featured in the British Bike Magazine of October 1993.The bikes travelled from the UK to Australia via the USSR, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, over the Himalayas and through the Khunjurab border pass. An epic journey which is followed in the magazine with script and pictures over five pages,
1955 BSA M21 1955 BSA M21  

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