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BSA M20 Gallery

Although the BSA M20 was in many respects the least suitable candidate for military service being heavy with poor ground clearance and uninspiring performance it did have certain virtues of value to the military user. Mechanically tough with a capacity for hard work under the most adverse conditions and simple to maintain it serve its country well. More BSA M20 information.

Bike Image Description
1970 BSA M20 BSA M20
  • Engine - 469cc, single-cylinder side-valve four-stroke
  • Bore and Stroke - 82 x 94 mm
  • Launched - 1937-1955
  • Compression Ratio - 4.9:1
  • Power - 13bhp @ 4200 rpm
  • Top Speed - 60 mph
BSA 1941 M20 EXWD BSA 1941 M20 EXWD
BSA 1942 M20 BSA 1942 M20
1942 BSA M20 1942 BSA M20 500cc Side Valve. This bike was 2324th machine built out a contract of 15000, Frame NO 84142- Engine No7995.
1943 BSA WM 20 1943 BSA WM 20 500cc.
1944 BSA M20 1944 BSA M20  
1946 BSA M20 BSA M20 1946 BSA M20 girder fork model.
1948 BSA M20 1948 BSA M20 600cc Side Valve.
1949 BSA M20 BSA M20 Ex-army 500cc.
1949 BSA M20 1949 BSA M20  
BSA M20 M20  

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