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BSA Gold Star Gallery

BSA announced the Gold Star at the end of 1948 ready for the 1949 season. Intended as sporting machine capable of competing in virtually all disciplines it was supported by a range of options that enabled the owner to tailor it to their needs.

According to correspondence offered with this machine from the BSA Gold Star Owners Club this example was despatched from Small Heath on the 7th March 1954 as a touring 500cc with a frame bearing a number in the CB32 400 series and was registered in Cornwall during 1954. The frame number that the machine now bears dates from June/July 1956 suggesting that a replacement was required at some point in the machines life. This is supported by the V5 which indicates the machine was "assembled from parts" although the registration and engine number have been "tied" together since 1954.

Bike Image Description
BSA Rocket Goldstar Replica BSA Rocket Goldstar Replica  
BSA DBD34 Goldstar BSA DB34 Goldstar Clubmans road racer
BSA Gold Star BSA Goldstar
  • Engine - air-cooled 199cc OHV single
  • Horsepower - 38bhp @ 7000rpm
  • Top Speed - 100mph
  • Transmission - 4 speed
  • Frame - tubular double cradle
  • Brakes - drum/drum
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    BSA 650cc Rocket Gold Star BSA 650cc Rocket Gold Star The BSA Rocket Gold Star is a British motorcycle that marked the final stage of development of the BSA A10 twins. With a specially tuned A10 Super Rocket engine in the well proven BSA Gold Star single frame, BSA created a very fast bike (for the time) with good handling fast bike that became 'classic'. Surviving models are in such demand today that 'fakes' (using Super Rocket parts) are sold as originals. BSA Rocket Gold Star history.
    1950 BSA Gold Star Model ZB 32 1950 BSA Gold Star Model ZB 32
    1950 BSA ZB34 Goldstar 500cc dirt track racer 1950 BSA ZB34 Goldstar 500cc dirt track racer AHRMA prepared for dirt track racing.The Goldie was built and raced Dinosaur Historic nationally by # 97 Mike Zbrozek.
    1950 BSA Gold Star ZB32 BSA ZB32 Goldstar  
    1951 BSA ZB32 Gold Star 1951 BSA ZB32 Gold Star BSA 1951 ZB32 plunger Clubman Gold Star in trail road trim. This is a genuine Clubman ZB Gold Star with the correct frame with provision for rearset footrests (not fitted to this machine). Fitted with clubman tank with provision for twin taps and breather.

    Rebuilt wheels fitted with alloy flanged wheel rims front 21” with 2.75” tyre, rear 19” with 4” tyre. A clubman 8” brake front brake fitted and the forks have the 2 way damper rods. Handlebars fitted with alloy adjustable levers. It has been fitted with a prop stand in addition to the centre stand.

    The engine is a genuine ZB32 Gold Star engine in ‘soft’ trim, with monobloc carburettor and filter, easy starter.

    1954 BSA Gold Star BSA Gold Star


    1954 BSA BB34 Goldstar Scrambler BSA BB34 Goldstar Scrambler  
    1956 BSA DBD34 Goldstar 1956 BSA DBD34 Goldstar  
    1957 BSA Goldstar 1957 BSA Goldstar  
    1957 BSA DB32 1957 BSA DB32

    The DB32 represented the culmination in development for the 350cc variant of the Gold Star and was only officially available as a catalogue model between 1955 and 1957, after that if you wanted a 350cc Goldie you ordered a 500 and specified the 350cc engine as an option.

    As with previous variants, the DB was offered initially in Clubmans, scrambles, road racing and touring forms, although the tourer only lasted until the end of 1956. Developing between 30 and 32.5 bhp at 7500 depending on the silencer, or lack of, fitted the revised engine design of the DB resulted in an increase in power output of about 2 bhp over the previous model.

    1957 BSA BDB34 Goldstar BSA BDB34 Goldstar Clubman trim.
    1958 BSA DBD34 1958 BSA DBD34

    Beloved of cafe racers, the BSA Goldie street racer would achieve the magic ton on the local bypass with ease, the 42bhp 500cc single-cylinder motor resulting in a flat-on-the-tank top speed of 110mph. The Birmingham made Gold Star actually first appeared in 350cc form in 1948, the first 500cc model thumping onto the market a year later and produced in the massive Small Heath works until 1963. The 1956 list price of a standard 500 Goldie, which weighed in at 380lbs, was £270.

    The most collectible Gold Star of all to have, though, is the DBD34 Clubman, which hit the circuits (and London's North Circular!) from 1956, a total of 5100 of the 15,000 Gold Stars made being the desirable DBD34. The DBD34's overhead valve motor benefited from bigger valves and a 1¢-inch Amal carb. The four-speed gearbox was an RRT2 with ultra-close ratios and needle-bearings at each end of the layshaft, while the exhaust pipe was swept back, too, into a trumpet-like silencer.

    1958 BSA Goldstar BSA Goldstar BDB34, 500cc. Fitted with a Phil Pearson crank and also has a new Amal MK1 carburettor made for easy starting.
    1959 BSA DBD 34 Clubmans Goldstar BSA DBD 34 Clubmans Goldstar  
    1959 BSA DBD34 1959 BSA DBD34 500cc
    1960 BSA Gold Star Replica 1960 BSA Gold Star Replica
    1960 BSA A50 Royal Star 1960 BSA A50 Royal Star
    1960 BSA Gold Star DBD 34 1960 BSA Gold Star DBD 34 BSA Gold Star history.
    1960 BSA Goldstar 500 Clubmans 1960 BSA Goldstar 500 Clubmans
    1963 BSA Gold Star Model DBD 34 1963 BSA Gold Star Model DBD 34
    1963 BSA Goldstar BSA Goldstar

    The culmination of development for the Gold Star was the DBD series. Only ever offered as a 500, the new version was introduced for the 1956 season and initially being offered in parallel with the DB range, although by 1957 the DB's had been dropped from the range, the 500 version permanently, the 350 temporarily, returning to the range in 1959.

    Like its predecessors the DBD 34 was offered in trials, scrambles, road, racing and Clubman's form and was supported by an extensive range of optional parts. Although the Goldie was successful in all branches of competition, the most iconic variant is without doubt the Clubman's version.

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    BSA Goldstar 250ss 1971 BSA Goldstar 250ss 1971
    1971 BSA Goldstar 250 SS 1971 BSA Goldstar 250 SS BSA Street Scrambler.
    1971 BSA B25 SS Gold Star BSA B25 SS Gold Star
    1972 BSA Goldstar 50SS BSA Goldstar 50SS

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