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BSA C15 Gallery

BSA had acquired the Triumph marque at the start of the 1950s and the lightweights towards the end of the decade owed far more to Triumph than to BSA. Chief among them was the 1952 C15 Star. A 250cc fourstroke almost totally derived from the 200cc Triumph Tiger Cub. Even so the new model seemed both up-to-date and sophisticated electrics. As with its Triumph predecessors, the C15 and its derivatives suffered from minor electrical problems, oil leaks and somewhat complicated maintenance routines. More BSA C15 information..

Bike Image Description
BSA C15G BSA C15G Here is a tidy BSA C15G in trail / greenlane trim. The C15G was made from mid 1966 to 1967, this one is 'D' reg. This is the last and toughest version of the C15 engine with the ball bearing timing side main bearing, roller drive side and Victor type bottom end with stronger crankcases, larger oil pump and needle roller gearbox layshaft bearings. [check out BSA Motorcycles since 1950, by Steve Wilson].
1959 BSA C15 BSA C15  
1959 BSA C15 1959 BSA C15 1958 saw the beginning of a completely new departure from the usual engine/transmission design with the introduction of unit construction machine in place of the 250cc C12. The first of this new breed of motorcycle, the 250cc C15 Star, was an instant success. It had a clean, uncluttered appearance and provided reliable and economical transport.
1959 BSA C15 BSA C15  
BSA C15S Elstar Grasstrack Bike BSA C15S Elstar Grasstrack

This bike was ridden by Tom Swallow, he ran a BSA Dealership and produced a magazine called Flywheel whilst he was held in Stalag IVB. This was one of his bikes he raced in grasstrack. Based around a BSA C15 scambler.

The engine is a c15s and runs on methanol and castrol R, it has a high compression piston and close ratio gearbox, racing cam, it runs a total loss ignition setup. The barrel has been turned down to save weight. It has a large size Amal gp carb.

The frame I believe is Elstar and uses a bsa s-arm and highly modified sub-frame. It has r-shock which are extremely stiff and upside down small front forks. It has cub/bantam bubs which have all been drilled and sculpted out. The oil tank has been reduced in size and petrol tank is nice and chrome. The bike does run, and was used several years ago at Red Marley Hill Climb by Tom Swallows son.

1961 BSA C15 Trials BSA C15 Trials

Genuine C15T engine and gearbox. It it powered by a PVL ignition unit requiring no battery. The frame and fittings have been painted in fabulous two pack "Hell Fire Red". The wheels are brand new flangeless alloy with stainless steel spokes, having powder coated bantam hubs and fitted with 316 stainless spindles and new wheel bearings and seals covered with alloy mudguards. Renthal alloy handlebars are fitted with stainless clamps and a Amal slow action throttle. The front forks are doubled damped and the rear are upside down competition gas shocks, the new rear sprocket is 60T, the rear wheel having cam adjusters fitted and both wheels finished off with new quality tubes and tyres.The engine has a Miller offset kickstart and exhaust system. The carb is a monoblock rebuilt with Miller air filter. There is a heavy duty 6mm alloy bash plate which has been specially made as have the Billet alloy footrest mountings and brake / gearchange. The rear chain is a new quality one with Miller chainguard. A decompression lever is fitted to help with starting and steep down slopes.

Picture kindly provided by Ken Thompson.

1960 BSA C15 S 1960 BSA C15 S  
1961 BSA C15 BSA C15 1961  
1961 BSA C15 BSA C15  
1961 BSA C15 1961 BSA C15 250cc, 20bhp.
1961 BSA C15 1961 BSA C15 250cc.
BSA C15 Trials C15 Trials  
1962 BSA C15 BSA C15 1962  
1962 BSA C15 1962 BSA C15  
1963 BSA C15 1963 BSA C15  
1963 BSA C15 1963 C15  
1963 BSA C15 BSA C15 1963  
1965 BSA C15 250 1965 BSA C15  
1965 BSA C15 BSA C15 1965  

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