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BSA B40 Gallery

Developed from the unit 250cc C15, the B40 350cc single offered greater flexibility and power output without an increase in weight when compared to the smaller engine. The release of a large number of ex military B40's during the early eighties coincided with a growing interest in Pre 65 trials resulting in many of them being modified to trials specification. The B40 continues to be a favourite in the pre 65 trials world and is well supported by specialist suppliers.

Bike Image Description
1961 BSA B40 1961 BSA B40  
1962 BSA B40 1962 BSA B40 The engine runs on methanol, has racing clutch plates, B44 springs, CR gearbox, B50MX cam, B44 piston, needle roller big end and RH main bearing,1 3/16" monobloc carb, ignition is by Boyer Bransden electronic with adjustable rev limiter, the frame has been lowered / delugged, hagon rear suspension units, tyres are Dunlop KR82, front wheel is std B40 with heavy duty cable, rear is bantam hub with alloy rim.
1964 BSA B40 350 XWD 1964 BSA B40 350 XWD XWD coverted into trials spec.
1964 BSA B40 1964 BSA B40 single cylinder 350cc.
1964 BSA B40 BSA B40 1964  
1965 BSA B40F BSA B40F  
1965 BSA B40 1965 BSA B40 B40 Enduro Star - 350cc.
1965 BSA B40 BSA B40  
1966 BSA B40 1966 B40  
1966 BSA B40 1966 BSA B40  
1967 BSA B40 1967 BSA B40
BSA 1969 B40 EXWD BSA 1969 B40 EXWD
BSA B40 Trials BSA B40 Trials  
BSA B40 Scrambler BSA B40 Scrambler Pre 65 350cc round barrel.

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