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BMW R90 Gallery

Bike Image Description
  • Engine - 898cc, aircooled, 4-valve OHV pushrod flat-twin
  • Bore x Stroke - 90 x 70.6mm
  • Top Speed - 125mph (201kph)
  • Dry Weight - 215kg (474 lb)
  • Launched - 1974
  • Maximum Power - 67bhp @ 7000rpm
  • 1973 BMW R 90/6 1973 BMW R 90/6  
    1973 BMW R90/6 1973 BMW R90/6 899cc, 44 Kw
    1974 BMW R 90S 1974 BMW R 90S On pure performance. BMW's R90S was not the fastest superbike of the mid-1970s. Nor was it the quickest around a racetrack: at least, not often. But for a rider with a long distance to travel on straight roads and twisty ones, there was nothing on two wheels that would prove faster or more comfortable than the uniquely well-equipped flat twin.
    1974 BMW R90S 1974 BMW R90S The BMW's distinctive smoked paint scheme was perfectly in keeping with its image as a very refined and expensive sports-tourer. In many respects, the R90S was the best all-round superbike of its day. Certainly, no other production machine could match its combination of I25mph (2()lkm/h) top speed, relaxed high-speed cruising ability, fine handling, reliability and impeccable finish.
    1974 BMW R90/6 1974 BMW R90/6
    1976 BMW R90, 900cc 1976 BMW R90, 900cc
    1976 BMW R90/6, 900cc 1976 BMW R90/6, 900cc

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