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BMW R65 Gallery

Bike Image Description
  • Engine - 649cc, 4-stroke F-twin
  • Top Speed - 110mph
  • Dry Weight - 182kg (400lb)
  • Launched - 1979-1988
  • Maximum Power - 50bhp
  • Fuel Consumption - 50mpg
  • 1978 BMW R 65 BMW R65
    • Air cooled, four stroke, two cylinder horizontally opposed Boxer, pushrod operated 2 valves per cylinder.
    • 126mph
    • 43mpg
    • 196kg
    • 5 speed
    1979 BMW R65 1979 BMW R65  
    1979 BMW R65 1979 R65  
    1980 BMW R65 1980 BMW R65  
    1980 BMW R65 BMW R65 649cc.
    1980 BMW R65 1980 BMW R65  
    1980 BMW R65 R65 BMW 1980 Cafe Racer.
    1980 BMW R65 R65  
    1982 BMW R 65LS 1982 BMW R 65LS  
    1982 BMW R65LS BMW R65LS  
    1982 BMW R-65S BMW R-65S  
    1983 BMW R65 LS
    BMW R65 LS 650cc 1983 650cc.
    1983 BMW R65LS BMW R65 LS 50bhp.
    1984 BMW R65 LS 1984 BMW R65 LS  
    1984 BMW R65 LS BMW R65 LS
    • Air-cooled transverse flat twin
    • light alloy construction for good heat dissipation
    • 'Nikasil' coated aluminum cylinders
    • Displacement 650 cc; stroke 61.5 mm; bore 82 mm
    • Single dry-plate clutch
    • 5-speed gearbox
    • Rear wheel driven by totally-enclosed shaft with torsional vibration damper
    • Twin-loop steel tube frame with bolte-on sub-frame
    • Sport cockpit with fairing fixed to handlebars with integral instruments
    • Sport handlebars
    • Dualseat with integral handles
    • Unique aluminum silver compound wheels
    1985 BMW R65 Mono 1985 BMW R65 Mono The smallest BMW boxer twin available in the U.S in 1984. features all the top-flight components expected from BMW: quartz headlight, pressure die-cast aluminum spoke wheels, 260mm drilled disc brakes up front, 5.8-gallon fuel tank and shaft drive. Tall gearing allows this standard 650 to gobble up highway miles like a 750, and supple, long-travel suspension can make short work of rough, twisting roads. As with all BMWs, only made-in-'83 models was sold in California because of emissions regulations.
    1987 BMW R 65GS 1987 BMW R 65GS  

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