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1950 BSA 350cc Gold Star Model ZB 32

1950 BSA 350cc Gold Star Model ZB 32

The first post-war rangew of BSA motorcycles included a 350cc model designated the B31. This special Silver Star based motorcycle which had evolved for the army. It was then modified and designated the B32 and appeared at the first post-war Earls Court Show as the model XB32.

The engines were very much in the 1939 style with alloy barrels and heads and push rods passing up an integral tunnel to rocker boxes cast in with the heads.

These engines produced 24 bhp @ 6500 rpm and were a great success, particularly in trials form. However, it wasthe introduction of the Clubman's TT races in 1947 that gave the Gold Star its real chance to show what it was made of. After a fairly mediocre first couple of racesm, from 1949 onwards the class was absolutely dominated by the B32 with eight successive victories.

  • Engine - 71 x 88mm, 348cc push rod OHV single
  • Transmission - Heavyweight M range gearbox with speedometer drive from end of lay-shaft and enclosed clutch operating lever.
  • Frame - Tubular cradle type with single front down tube. Telescopic front forks with hydraulic damping. Undamped plunger rear springing. 3 Gallon fuel tank