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1949 Norton Dominator Model 7 500cc

1949 Norton Dominator Model 7 500cc

Although Rem Fowler won the 1907 TT on a Peugeot engined V-twin Norton, the firm had a long tradition of manufacturing single cylinder machines only. The first notice of separture from this practice was the announcement in November 1948 of a high performance 497cc ohv vertical twin.

The complete machine was based on the ES2 frame, forks and hearbox but the engine, designed by Bert Hopwood, was completely new and was to be the basis of the range of Norton twins.

Very well received by press and public, the Model 7 continued without major alteration to specification until 1952. Norton had got it right first time and the very handsome machine created comment wherever it was seen, both at home and on the continent.

  • Engine - 66 x 72.6mm, 497cc, Norton ohv vertical twin engine, cast iron barrel and cylinder head
  • Power - 29bhp @ 6000rpm
  • Frame - Triangulated cradle type with plunger rear springing and Norton Roadholder front forks
  • Price new - 215.18.0