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1939 Brough Superior Model SS100 1000cc1939 Brough Superior Model SS100 1000cc

George Brough was without doubt the most outstanding figure in the motorcycle industry throughout the twenties and thirties and the SS100 model was his most outstanding product. Translated, SS100 meant Super Sports 100 mph. Tunder examples of the SS100 held the World's Two Wheel speed record five times, the last time in 1937 with a two run average of 169.7 mph and a one way speed of 175 mph. The SS100 was no circuit racer but mid-twenties racing versions won on sand and track and finished with final records at Brooklands banked bowl.By the late thirties the SS100 had matured into a luxury road bound super bike.

George Brough who always wrote his own publicity material as well as designing, testing and selling his bikes, declared this model was "...capable of from 10 mph to 110 mph in top gear, was the fastest motorcycle on the road, was recognised throughout the world as a masterpiece and was the be all and end all of the motorcyclist's dream."There had been a J A Prestwich engined model SS100 back in 1927-8 which would certainly do 110 mph - though not 10 mph - in top gear but this quieter smoother running version engined by Matchless Motorcycles was hard put to reach 100 mph.

There were, of course, no consumer protection laws and advertising standards rules in those days and readers took it all with a pinch of salt. No onw was likely to argue with a manufacturer who had notched up 100 wins on his own bikes and in 1928 on a special racing SS100 had been the fastest man on earth on two wheels with a one way speed of 130 mph. For most enthusiasts it was all a dream anyway for the prices hovering around 150....those lively chrome plated mudguards were extras, representing two years wages for many.Lawrence of Arabia had five Brough Superiors in a row.All Brough Superior adverts carried the slogan "The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles"> George did not have permission from Rolls Royce, they never complained.