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1936 OEC Sidecar

1931 Rudge Whitworth 250cc V-Twin PrototypeWhen the Ministry of Transport wanted a special vehicle for testing road surfaces OEC was the obvious maker to approach. No problem for such a firm. Half a ton of motorcycle and sidecar powered by a 1000cc J A Prestwich engine capable of propelling a normal motorcycle at 100 mph. All this power is necessary because this is no ordinary sidecar outfit. Its main function is to measure the grip of the sidecar tyre on the road surface and to do this the sidecar wheel can be steered independently of the machine front wheel.

1931 Rudge Whitworth 250cc V-Twin PrototypeThe resistence of the sidecar wheel to being dragged along in the direction it does not want to go.......scrubbing the tread off the tyre, is measured on instruments in the sidecar and recorded on tape. All the equipment and the rider and passenger-tester, make the outfit the heaviest sidecar machine to go on the road. With the sidecar wheel pointing in the right direction the outfit was capable of near 50mph.