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1912 Wilkinson-TMC 848cc 4 Cylinder Touring Motorcycle

1912 Wilkinson-TMC 848cc 4 Cylinder Touring Motorcycle

The Wilkinson-TMC was produced y the famous Wilkinson Sword Company and was one of the finest machines built before the First World War. The first Wilkinson four was exhibited at the 1909 Stanley Show and the production continued until war time restrictions brought the line to its end in 1916.

The machine was originally designed as a military scouting model by P G Tacchi, who was granted patent rights in 1908. The machine, mounting a Maxim gun, did not impress the authorities and Wilkinson carried on with a luxury touring version. Originally air-cooled, the engine was redesigned as a water-cooled unit in 1911 and the machine was given the designation Touring Motor Cycle.

The power until returned after the war in the December car but the motorcycle was a casualty of the war.

  • Water-cooled four cylinder side valve 848cc engine
  • Shaft drive
  • No front brake, twin drum rear brake pedal operated
  • Fully sprung with quarter elliptic rear springs. Saxon front forks with horizontal spring and bell crank levers