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Yamaha CS1/SC1/YSC1 Gallery

Bike Image Description
1968 Yamaha SC1 1968 Yamaha SC1 180cc TWIN
1969 Yamaha YCS1E, 180cc Twin 1968 Yamaha YCS1E, 180cc
1970 Yamaha YCS1 1970 Yamaha YCS1 180cc.
1967 Yamaha YCS1 Yamaha YCS1  
1967 Yamaha CS1 Bonanza 180 Yamaha CS1 Bonanza 180 The brillant candy blue color is all original from factory and so is everything else including the tyres. The yamaha bonanza is an electric and kick start 5 speed charger that tops out at 85-90 mph.
1968 Yamaha YCS1, 180cc 1968 Yamaha YCS1, 180cc

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