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As Yamaha's dual-purpose flagship, the XT has all the latest tricks. Styling, of course, is heavily biased towards the dirt side of things, which is apparent in the high-mounted plastic fenders front and rear. A red, motocross-style "safety seat" sweeps forward onto the gas tank to cushion a rider's delicate parts. The sidepanels and headlight cover have blacked-out panels meant o resemble number plates. There's a tool pouch mounted on the rear fender just like on the real enduro bikes. There are even air shrouds attached to the bottom of the gas tank, which seems a trifle gimmicky, although Yamaha claims they direct cooling air to the engine. But it's hard not to believe that the black plastic shrouds are there to resemble radiator shrouds. And, in fact, quite a few observers asked, "Water-cooled, eh?" as they gave the air-cooled XT a quick once-over.

Bike Image Description
1983 Yamaha XT 600 Teneré Yamaha XT 600 Teneré
  • Four-stroke single, 598 cc, SOHC four-vhlve with YDIS
  • Front hydraulic disc brake
  • New rising-rate Monocross suspension
  • Large capacity fuel tank, heavy duty dual seat and sturdy luggage rack
  • Dry sump lubrication with oil cooler and separate oil tank behind shock unit
  • Air-assisted front fork with larger wheel travel

1984 Yamaha XT600 Yamaha XT600
  • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC, 4 Valve per cylinder
  • 5 speed
  • 45bhp @ 6500rpm
  • Front disc brake, rear drum
  • 144kg
  • 61mpg
  • 100mph
1986 Yamaha XT600 XT600  
1986 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré 1986 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré Yamaha XT600 Tenere, named after the brutal African desert that Paris-to-Dakar rallyists must cross. The Tenere chassis is basically the same as the stateside XT's, with differences that are mainly cosmetic. Dominant is the 8-gal. gas tank, big enough to allow the Tenere almost 500 mi. between fill-ups. The Tenere's seat, because of the huge tank, is mounted more rearward, and it uses softer foam. A nifty front fender, featuring cooling slats at the rear, pop-riveted-on mud shrouds and a red-and-blue diagonal slash decal, keeps muck off the rider. A sturdy luggage rack and plastic tool box take the place of the U.S. model's vinyl tool pouch. Plastic handguards take the sting out of brushing past bushes and help keep hands warm in cold weather.
1988 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré 1988 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré Closer inspection reveals a myriad of smaller differences. The Tenere gets a three-tier oil cooler that is rubber-mounted to the left frame tube behind the engine, and that even has its own little air shroud. The oil pickup line is moved forward on the side-mounted oil tank to a less vulnerable position. The headlight/number plate assembly is slightly larger, and the front turn signals mount differently. The front brake's hydraulic line is routed over the number plate instead of behind it, and the brake disc is slotted, not drilled as on the U.S. model. Even the cam-snail chain adjusters are different.
1988 Yamaha XT600 1988 Yamaha XT600  
1990 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré 1990 Yamaha XT 600Z Teneré Altogether the 86/87 model badly damaged the reputation of the Ténéré as a reliable travel companion. By attacking only the symptoms one does not solve the fundamental problem.

Therefore in 1988, with the third model, more major modifications were made. This model is commonly referred to as the 3AJ model in many countries.

1990 Yamaha XT660E Yamaha XT 600E Displacing 595cc, the torquey air-cooled 4-valve motor breathes through our ingenious Yamaha Duo Intake System (YDIS). This "2 carburettors in 1" design offers clean and crisp throttle response for smooth low-speed riding together with strong top-end performance at higher speeds. Headlamp/Front fender The flush-fitting rectangular headlamp projects a strong dip and main beam and is encased in a tough polypropylene headlamp cowl which also protects the instrument panel. A high-level front fender keeps the dirt at bay while allowing cool air through to the motor.
1992 Yamaha XT 600E XT 600E he XT600E is really an attempt to increase the range of potential Yamaha big trailie customers via a reduced seat height and an electric start.
1994 Yamaha XT 600E 1994 Yamaha XT 600E Rugged 595 cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke single cylinder engine is equipped with an efficient 4-valve head and convenient electric starter. Pushing out massive low speed torque, this ultra reliable powerplant is a superb performer on the highway and in the dirt.

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