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Yamaha RZV500 Gallery

This was the world’s first production model to mount a liquid-cooled 2-stroke V-4 engine. As the flagship model embodying Yamaha’s sports spirit and also as the fastest road-going model of its day, the RZV500 stood proudly above the rest. It was the direct descendent of the YZR500 works machine that Kenny Roberts rode to the championship title with six wins in the 12 rounds of the 1983 World GP. The engine boasted new advances in 2-stroke technology like giving the forward and rear banks of cylinders different induction systems; piston reed valve in front and crankcase reed valve in the rear.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha RZ500 Yamaha RZ500  
Yamaha RZV 500 R Yamaha RZV 500 R  
1984 Yamaha RZV500 Yamaha RZV500 This RZV is an import from Japan, and not to many of these about in this condition and they seem to be getting scarcer all the time.
1985 Yamaha RZV500 RZV500  

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