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Honda XL350 Gallery

The XL350 is good. Not merely a dirt bike with lights but a competent dirt bike. The compound carbs pay off with power, exactly as much as you want, when and where you want it. The back tire can be powered loose and drifted on the fast turns, the front can be weighted to hold the line on tight turns. When the ridged, rutted, loamy uphill can be taken with the engine just into the powerband in third gear, both wheels on the ground, the only rider effort required is remembering that this is an XL, not an XR.

Bike Image Description
1975 Honda XL350 Honda XL350
1976 Honda XL350 XL350
  • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, OHC
  • 22bhp @ 7500rpm
  • 5 speed
  • Drum brakes
1984 Honda XL350 1984 Honda XL350 Only Honda could make the XL350R. There's tradition. This is Honda's third distinct 350cc dual-purpose machine, following the 1969 SL350 (the CB350 Twin engine with mildly revised frame, high pipes and not much speed in the dirt) and the original XL350 of 1973, a four-valve Single of great strength and weight.

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