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Honda CR125 Elsinore Gallery

Bike Image Description
1974 Honda CR125M Honda CR125M  
1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore Honda CR125 This is the first year of production silver and green tank model. It stil has the original tank, fenders, side covers, and seat cover.
1974 Honda Elsinore 125 1974 Honda Elsinore 125 This Honda Elsinore was completely restored to original condition. This was the first year for the Honda Elsinore 125.
1975 Honda CR125M 1975 Honda CR125  
1975 Honda DG Elsinore 125 1975 Honda DG Elsinore 125 This bike was restored for Gary Denton along with another DG Honda 125 that was raced by Broc Glover. For those newcomers who don’t know who Gary Denton is, he is one of the most respected ATV racers of all time and was an eight time National Champion in ATV racing. Gary raced motocross for several years before switching over to ATV's.

This bikes features all the trick componets of a DG racer. DG radial
cylinder head, DG pipe, Ported cylinder, DG mikuni carb,DG swing
arm, fiberglass DG fuel tank and gas Girlings.

1976 Honda CR-125 Honda CR-125  
1978 Honda CR125M 1978 Honda CR125M  
1979 Honda CR125 Elsinore 1979 Honda CR125 Elsinore  
1981 Honda CR125 1981 Honda CR125  
1987 Honda CR125 CR125  

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