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Honda CB92 Gallery

The diminutive 125 twin cylinder Honda CB 92 was launched in the days when the BSA Bantam was the standard by which others were judged, and it represented the first of a generation of motorcycles that was destined to become dominant throughout the world.

The impact of the Honda CB92 125cc twin cannot be underestimated, prior to its arrival in the UK in late 1961, 125's were regarded as nothing more than cheap transport for those who had no interest in motorcycles other than as an alternative to the bus and were happy to progress at no more than 45mph! The CB92 changed that perception with a top speed in excess of most 250's, the majority of 350's and the equal of all but the best 500's. However, this represented only half of its appeal, the fact that it used its oil to lubricate the engine and not waterproof the road and was equipped with excellent brakes and an electric starter endeared it to a new breed of rider. Fortunately for the British manufacturers it did have flaws, the styling with its pressed steel leading link forks and spine frame was challenging for some and the single over head cam engines appetite for revs required a riding style that many riders could not adjust to.

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1962 Honda CB92 1962 Honda CB92 Image provided by
1962 Honda CB92 1962 CB92  
Honda CB92
Honda CB92


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1964 Honda CB92 Sport

The CB92 single overhead cam Honda twin offered, for the period, exceptional performance for its capacity, which with the aid of the £58 (in 1961) "race kit" could be further enhanced. The kit consisted of a racing camshaft, a megaphone exhaust system, dropped handlebars, a racing saddle and a rev-counter. With the addition of the optional dolphin fairing and a little tuning the machines top speed rose form 81mph to over 100mph.

The full width twin leading shoe front brake was more than capable of dealing with the extra performance whilst the spine frame and leading link front forks, endowed the machine with excellent handling.

1964 Honda CB92
1964 Honda CB92  

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