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Honda CB72 Gallery

Bike Image Description
1963 Honda CB72 CB72 250cc, 23bhp.
1965 Honda CB72, 250cc 1965 Honda CB72, 250cc
1962 Honda CB72 Honda CB72 250cc Hawk.
1962 Honda CB72 Honda CB72 1962 Honda CB72, 250cc.CRMC Period 1 registered.

The crankshaft has been lightened (3.5 lbs), balanced and indexed. It has a 5 speed close ratio gearbox by Wygatty. It is fitted with Italian borani alloy rims, also Phil Joy camshaft. At the present it is fitted with a pair of low decibel silencers as i was going to put it on the road. Straight through megaphones

1966 Honda CB72 1966 Honda CB72 Image provided by

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