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Honda CB1100 Gallery

Shortly after its debut, the 1983 CB1100F earned a reputation as one of motorcycling's true superpowers — easily the most potent air-cooled inline-four Honda's ever built. This was Honda's first 1100cc superbike. Its arrival remains a benchmark for Honda in the evolution of the high-performance motorcycle.

Building on lessons learned from more than two decades of racing, Honda engineers created the 108-hp heart of the CB1100F. And as good as the rest of the motorcycle was, that engine made it a masterpiece. In Motorcyclist magazine's December 1982 road test, the 1100 turned an 11.38-second, 118.5-mph quarter mile. Then, during Motorcyclist's 24-hour endurance test, the 1100 covered 1,801 trouble-free miles around Willow Springs Raceway. That shattered the magazine's previous 24-hour record of 1,690 miles, set in 1981 by Honda's CB900F.

In the chassis department, a new box-section swingarm pivoted on needle bearings. Working in concert with the steel-tube frame and a 39mm, air-adjustable fork, it helped deliver amazing stability and cornering.

Bike Image Description
1981 Honda CB 1100R BB Honda CB 1100R BB  
1982 Honda CB 1100R BC Honda CB 1100R BC In 1982 came the CB1100R-C, a full fairing (which cured the instability), dual seat, improved front forks and wider wheels. A year later, the 1100R-D added damping-adjustable forks and an aluminium swingarm. The specification had changed, but one thing had not: the CB 1100R was still the fastest production motorcycle in the world.
1982 Honda CB 1100RC Honda CB 1100RC Standard
1983 Honda CB 1100R BD Honda CB 1100R BD  
1983 Honda CB1100F Bol D'or Honda CB1100F Bol D'or
  • Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinders, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder
  • 110bhp @ 8500rpm
  • 5 speed
  • Disc brakes
  • 243kg
  • 40mpg
  • 138mph
1983 Honda CB1100R Honda CB1100R  
1985 Honda CB1100R CB1100R  
2008 Honda CB 1100F Concept Honda CB 1100F Concept Honda has a rich history of iconic machines, and with this model, as well as its sister, the CB1100R prototype. It may be looking to cash in on that heritage. Styled much like the classic CB400F of 1975-1978, the CB1100F uses twin shocks, a tube frame and an air-cooled 1100cc four-cylinder motor that looks similar to the one in the Japan-market CB750 that was released last year.

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