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Honda CA77 Dream Classic Bike Gallery

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Honda Dream 300s Honda Dream 300s

These are Honda Dream 300s. The designation is CA77 and the motor size is actually 305cc. They came in red, white, blue and black. The black one is a 1966, the white one is a 1964 and the red one is a 1967. I under stand that these were made until 1966 and the unsold ones were titled in the year they sold.
   A close look reveals a pressed sheet steel frame and fender combo, forks (with leading link springer hidden inside), head light nacelle and side covers. Not much tube steel here. Square is the predominant shape and sharp lines rule. Very distinctive bike that gets lots of attention everywhere it goes.
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1964 Honda Dream 305 CA77 1964 Honda Dream 305 CA77
1965 Honda Dream 305 1965 Honda Dream 305
1965 Honda CA77 Honda CA77 305cc. More Honda CA77 info..
1966 Honda CA77 CA77  
1966 Honda CA77 1966 CA77  

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