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Honda C90 Cub Gallery

The Honda C90 is the best selling motorbikes at around 35 million (as at November 2002), end-to-end they would stretch 4 1/2 times around the world or half way to the moon, since 1966, on average, a C90 is made every 30 seconds. UK sales ceased in 2003 after 36 years of production but the bike is still being made in Indonesia and Thailand.

Bike Image Description
1976 Honda C90 Cub 1976 Honda C90 Cub  
1979 Honda C90 1979 Honda C90  
1979 Honda C90Z 1979 Honda C90Z
1985 Honda C90E 1985 Honda C90E  
1989 Honda C90 Cub Honda C90 Cub  
1989 C90 Honda Cub C90 Honda Cub  

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