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Ducati Indiana Gallery

The Indiana was the response of Ducati to the US Custom cruiser fashion. Each maker responded to the invasion of Japanese cruisers with a version of the road touring bikes they had at home: Guzzi simply changed the bodywork of its small block series and made the “C” series bikes, then the Florida; Morini built a very extroverted “Excalibur” (Morini had the advantage of having a V engine that looked slightly Harley-Davidson-ish), Ducati took…. The Elefant and modified it. Modifications were few but cunning: away went the progressive single shock, in came two paired chrome plated shocks, the front end was virtually that of the Elefant, but with simpler hydraulics, the wheels were, more or less, those of the later Alazzurra.

Bike Image Description
1987 Ducati 750 Indiana 1987 Ducati 750 Indiana  
1987 Ducati 650 Indiana Ducati 650 Indiana  
1987 Ducati 750 Indiana Ducati 750 Indiana A Ducati desmo motor on a sedate cruiser? Sedate it was not. Despite all attempts of Ducati to make it slow, and hard steering, the Indiana was a fast, quick steering bike, in cruiser terms of course, and it had a mighty engine. It could easily outrun any cruiser of the same capacity, and most cruisers of any capacity.
1987 Ducati 750 Indiana Police Ducati 750 Indiana Police  
1989 Ducati Indiana Ducati Indiana 650cc.
1990 Ducati Indiana 1990 Ducati Indiana  

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