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BMW R45 Classic Bike Gallery

The R45 and R65 series, which replaced the larger and older 500 and 600cc models. Much neater and smaller than its predecessors, the R45 nevertheless still weighs a hefty 4251b, the same as its larger stablemate. Two stages of tune are offered on the R45's oversquare engine, 26bhp for the German market, where it gets into a lower insurance bracket, and 35bhp for the rest of the world.

On the export version, peak power is reached at 7250rpm, while maximum torque is 27.51b ft attained at 5500rpm. As is now legendary with these Berlin-built bikes, the engine is of fiat-twin configuration with valves operated by pushrods and rockers. It may not be the most modern layout available on a motorcycle but, over many years, it has been improved and developed so that it is reliable, efficient and very smooth.

Performance is not a strong point of the R45 but it will reach a top speed of 95mph. Fuel consumption on the other hand is excellent, with an average figure of 55-60mpg being possible. The bike has a 4.8 gallon fuel tank, so it is obvious that it was made with touring in mind.

Transmission is by five-speed gearbox and shaft drive, while braking is by a single cross-drilled disc at the front and a powerful drum at the rear. Standard fittings on the bike include cast-alloy wheels, audible warnings for the indicators, twin mirrors, electric starter and a plug for fitting an intercom device. The standard of finish is about as good as can be found on a motorcycle, but there is a price to pay for that: the price itself, for the smallest BMW produced was more expensive than many 750s.

Bike Image Description
  • Engine - 449cc, 4-stroke F-twin
  • Top Speed - 90mph
  • Dry Weight - 182kg (400lb)
  • Launched - 1979-1988
  • Maximum Power - 35bhp
  • Fuel Consumption - 70mpg
  • 1978 BMW R 45 1978 BMW R 45  
    1980 BMW R45 BMW R45 1980  
    1980 BMW R45 1980 BMW R45 475cc.
    1981 BMW R45 R45  
    1983 BMW R45 1983 BMW R45  

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