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Welcome to our motorcycle bike review section. Feel free to rate and review any motorcycle - let us have your views. We are using the forum database as a means of registering reviewers. This does not imply that you need to use the forum or become a member as such. Similarly forums members who want to review and rate can use the same logon. We require this registration because we believe that the reviews and ratings should be credible, that one person should rate a Bike only once and that reviewers should be bona-fide users of the Bikes. Please register here.
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GT650 (1 reviews)

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2008 Hyosung GT650MSE Ratings

2008 Hyosung GT650When I told people that I was going to be testing this motorcycle, the questions were fairly predictable. A Korean motorcycle? Isn\\\'t it just a cheap copy of something? So where did this come from, and who is Hyosung? So let\\\'s start at the begin

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